• We deliver Fuji Japanese style Bento Box Japanese food to your table


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  • Delicious healthy food

    Kids Lucky Meals are Ready!!! Our priority is healthy food for everybody''@,@''

    Our cooked food uses all healthy products

    100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon 🍋

    Pure water for Rice, Soup and Drinks

    Chicken only breast, Ground Beef

    and Organic Eggs

    Fresh Fruits and Clean Veggies

    Kids Lucky Meal

    Our mission is to spread healthy food for children of all ages.

    Kids are the future!


    Our Special Lucky Bento Boxes for Boys and Girls

    Musubi(Rice ball), Small Bento Container, Potato salads(Mayonnaise), Veggies and drinks

    Fuji Deli Food

    We're here to serve healthy Japanese food to your home or business etc.

    We make sure our food is nutritious and delicious .


    Our Special Bento Boxes, Fruits Bento, Dinner Boxes all foods are our original recipes.

    Online order only

    Online orders are available to our Las Vegas community!!!

    We’re located in East side of city Las Vegas

    Let’s all eat Fujideli Food and be healthy at the same time 🥰


    fresh meals and prepare after the each order.

    When the food is sold out and we are not able to make any more bentos for the rest of the day. I apologize the inconvenience.

    Please order other food online and make sure your orders the day before.

    We’ll give you invoice for your payment.

    We do not prepare any orders without your payment.

    Thank you for understanding 👍

    Lunch Party with Fuji Deli Food!!!

    I love all of our customers and appreciate for the Orders
    Most of our food are cooked without eggs except Potato Salad 
    Enjoy healthy clean food at your home or any party events 
    We're taking orders for catering and to go for big numbers with reservations,  too
    Take a look at our menu 
    All fresh and quality food for your tables 
    See you soon (>,<)

    Our menu

    Our menu is our original

    You can order from shopping cart from MENU section .

    Enjoy delicious Japanese Authentic food

    Our food products are fresh, the owner directly purchase the freshest food and cooking on the same day or just only next day for seasoning marinade prep purposes

    Japanese people eats a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits to be healthy

    Let’s eat Fuji Deli food to have a very healthy long life!!!

    Our picture menu

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